Easy Method On How To Apply For U.K, U.S and China Google Adsense For Faster Approval In Nigeria

Google Adsense Has been One Of Bloggers Best Paying Ads Networks Which has sustained Many Bloggers, I Must Say is really Indeed Nice to turn your Traffic into Money Using Adsense. Although there are Other Paying Ads Network, But Adsense Remains My Number 1.


Many Bloggers So Much Dislikes Adsense Because It Is Not Easy To Get Approval From Them. Bloggers Have tried many were successful while others are still struggling. I will be Showing You How i Use to Get My U.K And U.S Adsense Approved. So Lets Proceed.


1. Make sure you are 18years and above.
2. Write 5 or 6 quality articles without copy and paste.
3. Add privacy & policy, terms and conditions, about us, disclaimer and other copyright links.
4. Make sure your template is good and well customized especially the navigation system.
5. Make sure you have up to 1000 pageviews per day.
6. That’s all.

When You Have Provided The Requirements Now you can Further On With this Tutorial I Believe In 5 to 3days Time your ads will be Approved if you follow my Steps.


  • In the next page, Kindly insert your website URL (i.e www.mysite.com) and select content language which is to be English.
  • Then, under Country/territory: Select UNITED STATES or UNITED KINGDOM and enter your address, Immediately You can Register using Address You will Generate From Shoptomydoor.com

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  • Finally, tap on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

  • At This Point You will have to paste the generated verification HTML code in your website and your account will finally be opened.
  • Now, wait for the first approval and finally, wait for second approval and create an Ad unit to run adsense on your website. This Might Take Up To 3 To 5days To Get Full Approval
  • After Your Second Approval, When You Login Your Adsense Dashboard You Will See Something Like This Below.


  • Just Know that You have been fully Approved and Now you can Create Your Ads Units. Make sure you use a Responsive Ads Unit to Generate High Revenue On Your Adsense Account.

Oya Give it a Try and Testify As You Drop Your Testimonies.


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