DOWNLOAD: Tizen App Share.Apk – For Sharing Android Apps For Tizen Operating System

Samsung Has Finally Release An App For Sharing Files Called “Tizen App Share” Which is currently Supported For Tizen Operating System. This App is just Similar To Popular File Share and Xender. This is to make transferring of Data To Be More Easier and Faster.

As we All Know that Tizen OS is more popular on Samsung Gear smartwatches than on smartphones. However, it is slowly gaining ground as a smartphone operating system. It reports suggest that some Tizen smartphones cannot download apps directly.


Tizen App Share can be used to download and transfer apps to any Tizen smartphone. It is fast and easy to use. Also, you don’t need data connection to transfer apps, games and other files. it doesn’t only share apps, you can also download apps and games directly from the App too, as there are some smartphones running on the Tizen operating system which cannot download apps directly from the app store.


This is Also Available For Android User On Google Play Store. You can also do well To Download Here. (DOWNLOAD: Tizen App Share.Apk)

Download and Take a Seconds To Share To Social Medias As well.


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