DOWNLOAD: Dimly Screen Dimmer And Night Mode.Apk And How To Reduce/Lower Your Smart Phone Screen Brightness

Many People who Love using Their Android Phones at Night Might At Time want to Lower the screen Brightness But After Which It Been Lowered, In Some Phones It will still be as Bright As You can Think Of, Many might still Notice and Experience This.

In This article i want to show you how to Lower Your screen Brightness As we all Know too Much Of Light from Mobile Phones Affects The Eyes, In Other to keep Your Self Safe From Eye Damage, You will be Needing Just Two App Called Dimly Or Night Mode Android App.


  • Dimly Screen Dimmer: Once you install the app, anytime you launch it you will see the dialog box on your Home screen. You can change the settings by tapping on the down-pointing arrow on the app’s home screen then tapping on the gear icon. Note that you can adjust the brightness directly from the Home screen. You can download it here. (DOWNLOAD: Dimly Android App.Apk)

  • Night Mode: Here is another App which works Similar like Dimly App, This app reduces the brightness of your screen further than the default Android settings. All you need to do is download and install the app. then launch it and you will be presented with an option to set your screen brightness. Push the slide backwards till it reaches your desired brightness level, then press Start. It automatically dims your screen. (DOWNLOAD: Night Mode Android App.Apk)
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