Checkout: The Recent Breakout Of Ransomware WannaCry Malware Attack – See Decrypt Code

Another Breakout Of Computer Virus Has been Going Viral, It was Said that a massive RansomWare attack (largest in history) hit over 200,000 computers across the world (India hit massively as well). Although this Virus Have been In Existence but Now with sudden Breakout which Also Affects hospitals in the UK which led hospitals to not operate properly. 1000s of patients are not being treated and patient data has been locked. Now the attack is widespread.

This Ransomware is named Or Known as WannaCrpyt (WannaCry) and can hit your computer or laptop Anytime please be aware. Even In The Breakout Some big organizations that got hit are Renault, Telephonica, Germany railways, FedEx, Russian Central Bank etc.You can Look out For Ha”cked Servers Google Dork: intitle:“Index of” “/ .WNCRY”


I Know Many Don’t Even Know when Their PC Is Infected Or Attacked By This Virus, Therefore To those who don’t know, when a PC is hit by a Ransomware attack, all the files, data, documents etc is locked (encrypted) and cannot be accessed unless the owner pays a RANSOM (Money).

The Ransom can be of 100 to even 1000s of Dollars. So eventually companies (or you, if you are hit) have to pay money to get access to all your PC files. It also Said That Even Anti-Virus will Not Protect You At All from Ransomware Wannacry Attack.


1.Avoid clicking/opening unusual or suspected files. Just a precaution.

2. Avoid downloading unknown email attachments. For precautions.

3. You Must Install the patch released by Windows. (for Windows XP, 7, Server 2008). (DOWNLOAD HERE)

4. All Updated Window 10 Operating Systems Are Safe. But Make Sure You Protect Your system using Above Precuations.

NOTE: If You Fill Or You Noticed That Your System is Been Affected Then Try This Decrypt Code: WNcry@2ol7

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