Checkout: Lagos State Governor “Amobode” Launched Free Internet Wi-Fi In Lagos Motor Parks

Governor Of Lagos State “Governor Ambode” have been working Hard, For a Lagosian and have decided to set Up Free Wi-fi Connection.  You can now connect to Free Wi-Fi available in Lagos motor parks. Lagos state governor collaborate and partnered with MainCable to launch a public Wi-Fi Internet service starting from Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Alausa, Ikeja as he is trying to make Lagos a clean and smart city for everyone.

He also said this is to enhance productivity and add value to Lagos parks and gardens. As you relax to enjoy the recreation facilities of the park, you will be able to access your email, browse and search the internet on your tablets, smartphones and laptops, via a reliable public Wi-Fi.

The Governor went further to say said the Free Wi-Fi  internet access facility is virtually or nearly available in all motor parks in Lagos state. Meanwhile, this is not the first Wi-Fi to be launched in Lagos even don jazzy has his own Wi-Fi connectivity in Lagos state and others available in BRT buses.

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