Checkout: iPhone 8 Might Just Be Announced And Launched By June at WWDC 2017

Many Rumors has been circulating about the Newly iPhone 8, The Launching of the device At WWDC, is still in progress and is said to be Announced By June. I Still Remember Vividly The last handset announced by Apple during a June WWDC event was the iPhone 4 from 2010. Since then, all new high-end iPhones were unveiled and released in September or October (the iPhone SE, introduced in March, doesn’t count, since it’s not a high-end model).

All in all, seeing the iPhone 8 in June would be a shocker for everyone. iPhone 8 could very well be unveiled next month, at WWDC 2017, at the same time with iOS 11. Meanwhile According to 9to5Mac, the JPMorgan analyst actually noted that there’s a “high likelihood” that the next-gen iPhone would be officially showcased in June. Apple may want to do that in order to stir excitement among consumers, though this would probably have an unwanted effect on sales of current iPhone models. Of course, right now.

There’s no way of telling if this is indeed Apple’s plan. All This is Base On Our Own Concept of the iPhone 8, JPMorgan  Also said that Apple isn’t ready to launch it before September. Well, WWDC 2017 debuts in about a month, on June 5 – we’ll see then just how much truth this fresh report contains.

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