Checkout: Google Duo Teams Up With TrueCaller To Beat Up Whatsapp Messenger

Social Networks has made it possible to communicate with One Another and Also make video Calls as well, Many are still faced with this Issue, In a case were you receive a Phone call from a friends whose number is not on your device and he/she decided to play a prank game on you.

 There is an App which can help you know Whose is calling even without saving he/she contact on your device. This App is Called “TrueCaller” And with Google Duo You can make high video calls and it is available on android device as well. it now looks Like Google And Truecaller has team up in other to beat whatsapp Most Popular chatting App.

 All You Need To Know About Google Duo And TrueCaller

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Google Duo
It is a video chat app, where people can make high definition video calls. This app is available for Android and iOS as well, it was launched in August 2016. Google Duo has been optimized in such a way that it will consume lesser amount of the network bandwidth. Another aspect of this app is that all the calls are by default have and end-end encryption.

The app has the ability to switch from the Wi-Fi network to cellular networks. There is a particular feature of the app for the Android version called as “Knock knock”. The person will be able to get to see the person before answering the call. An analysis showed that just in 2 days since its release, it top the list on Google’s Play.


This app is Swedish-based and has been designed and developed in such a way that it will fetch the information of the caller and display it for the user. It will fetch the information about the contact details across the world. In that way, the user will be able to figure out about the call they are receiving from the other end.

Truecaller has the option where the users can block the contacts from which they would not like to receive calls. There is another option in the app as well; the user can integrate their social media account into the app, so as to stay updated with the contacts on their phonebook list with images and birthdays.

Flash message

This feature true caller is indeed a good one, for the people who might come across emergency and get caught up in distressful situations. The user will be able to send a distress message to the people who are on the contact list of the app. They have the option to compose a predefined message if one is traveling, in a particular place which one should know or have reached home safely.

Spam messages

The update with Truecaller to screen the SMS will help the users to keep unwanted contacts at bay. Statistics show that the messages which the users receive on a regular basis, in general, have 15 percent of spam messages. On the whole, there are around 1.2 trillion spam messages which are being spread throughout the world every year.

Truecaller & Google Duo Team Up
These two firms have decided to come together to bring the walls down on WhatsApp, in terms of the video calling feature in the app. They want to surpass the behemoth of the message app in this aspect, which has almost around 1.2 billion active users in it. Truecaller is the app which is helping the people to avoid unwanted calls.

Now, it is that the call blocking app is planning to become as a messaging app as well. On the other hand, we can see that Google is changing its strides to change Google Hangouts the chat platform to Google Duo into a video chat platform. It is said that it has extended its reach to Truecaller to integrate the systems, so as to give the users a better experience.

New Features To Experience

All at one place

The integration of the apps will help the users to stick on one app and there will be no requirement for them to switch from one to another. It will be available on the same platform and users will be able to use the features effortlessly.

The lead of Google Duo Amit Fulay stated that the video calling feature of the app will be working no matter in which platform the user is using it. He also stated that they want to make their service to all the users; it needs to be simple, easy and swift enough for them to get connected with their near and dear ones.

Reach out to millions of users

One of the prominent reasons why both the companies have come together is to build a strong user base. It is clear that WhatsApp has nailed it in this aspect, in connecting people across the world. Now, the feature of video calling made available for the users to use has added another feather to its hat.

It is evident that Google and Truecaller together want to surpass the mark which WhatsApp has set. They want to give the toughest competition which the latter has ever come across. On the other hand, we can see that there are many new features being added to WhatsApp and a few more being tested on the beta versions of the app.

An ability to use both the platforms
Google Duo and Truecaller are integrating their systems, so this gives the possibility to the users to use both the platforms simultaneously. Tech geeks state that this is going to help them build a strong layer for the communication systems which they have and increase the credibility of Truecaller ID recognition of the app.

It is said that that there are 250 million users around the world for Truecaller. There has been an addition made to the app, which is blocking option for the text messages as well. Apart from that one aspect, there was a recent announcement made that there will be redesigning the Android version of the app in India, the company has recently opened up a base.

Next level of Mobile Communications
The co-founder of Truecaller Nami Zarringhalam stated that they are glad about the fact that they happen to be partnered with the world-renowned organization Google. With this partnership, it is said that the people will be able to experience next level of mobile communications.

It is indeed their next step towards a progressive growth in their business. There are bringing in all the communication at one place and making the best out of it. With this collaboration, it is evident that the users will get to experience a high-level communication with safety and security as well.

A beginning for the Face-Off

Truecaller is persistent with the service it is providing its users with the new look and feel. It is a fact that the number spam calls and messages seem to be increasing invariably over the period of time. Users are glad about the fact that they have this app which helps them to keep unwanted calls and messages at bay.

Google Duo helps people to make high definition video calls in a seamless manner without any kind of hindrances on the way. A single push on the button of the app and the user will be connected. WhatsApp has already made a history with its service and we can see a history in the making to overcome and beat the giant in the market. Fingers crossed.

This will Be Cool But Let See What It Will Look Like.


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