Checkout: Google Announces Android Go Operating System, Compatible For 1GB RAM Or Less Smart Phones

Google Has Finally Released another Operating System Which is Well Optimized to For device with 1GB RAM or Less, This At its IO developer conference, Google has unveiled Android Go O.S; an initiative created to cover the empty tracks left by Android One O.S Program.  Let Look Deep On This Android Go.


Android Go is a version of the popular mobile operating system that has been optimized for smartphones with 1GB or less RAM, thus primarily aimed at emerging markets. It’s essentially a set of features and apps for Android, which are set to debut with Android O, that are designed to limit both devices’ system resources and mobile data, helping people in developing nations have a reasonable mobile experience.

Android Go devices will have data management and savings in quick settings, and teaming up with carriers will let you keep track of how much data you’ve been consuming with the ability to top up. It will also focus on three things which includes optimizing the latest release of Android to run smoothly on entry Level devices, a rebuilt set of Google apps that uses less memory, storage space and mobile data and finally a version of Play Store that will not only provide the entire catalogue but will also highlight apps specifically designed for entry-level users. These three features will ship to Android O devices with 1GB or less memory starting By Next Year Been 2018.


Android Go exclusive Play Store was announced, designed specifically to highlight apps built with Google’s so-called “Building for Billions” best practices for app developers, or in other words, made to conserve data and device resources, such as Facebook Lite and Skype Lite.

The New Android Playstore Will Look Like Above With Low Size/Memory For Apps

Google is making optimizations to the system UI and the kernel to allow an Android O device built with the Go configuration to run smoothly on as low as 512MB to 1GB of memory. Moreover They are also designing apps like YouTube Go, Chrome and Gboard to use less memory and are easy on mobile data. Instead Of Using Higher O.S on Low End Device, This is The best As long as Low device is concerned. But will be Made Available from 2018.

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