Checkout: Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Launched DiscoverTV For Mobile Streaming In Africa

Blackberry Messenger Popularly Know as BBM Has been one of the leading Social Chat. Which Has over Billions Of Users and More Still counting. Since it was created in August 2005, BBM has evolved from a pure messaging application for communication (text and video) to a social ecosystem unifying chat, social, commerce, services and content including bill payment, top-up, vouchers/coupons, games, video, shopping, travel and polls.

BBM has identified Africa as a priority focus and will continue to roll out new features for BBM users across the continent. Africa counts a staggering 1.13 billion mobile subscriptions, making it the world’s second largest continent in terms of mobile subscriptions, second only to Asia.

BBM has Just launched a new content offering, DiscoverTV, for the Nigerian and South African markets. DiscoverTV is a mobile streaming service that allows BBM users to watch a wide variety of award-winning short form shows selected from a diverse range of mobile movies, channels, cartoons, and documentaries. DiscoverTV includes various content categories all under one roof, and accompanies BBM’s existing content and services, including News, Channels, Subscriptions, Stickers, Quickteller Airtime Top-up, and Paycode).

We This Feature will be Available in The Newest Updated BBM Versions.

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