Android TV Set To Be Getting New UI Design With Android O Operating System

Google Is really trying and working hard to develop and Add more features On Their Android TV, Earlier Google Announce the New UI design On Android TV, Which will be the first ever to come with Android O, Which we have be Patiently waiting for At this time. According to the Report it states that  The home screen now has a new look completely, and with the help of new APLs, the app developers will be able to let their apps make some cool multiple channels which will be visible as rows on a screen of the phone used.

The Android O Google Assistance will be coming to Android TV this year, though the exact day and month are what we do not know about pretty soon it going to arrive.  Google Assistant will also be available on Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat Android TV units. The Android TV app will then populate the channels with programs that see fit, then at the top will be a permanent section for the apps you frequently use and bellow it will be Watch Next that will feature content based on your watching preferences.

With the UI redesign, Google also is bringing Assistance to Android TV which will help you in searching for content just with your voice or control playback, find information, and dim the light to your room if the synced with your smart home devices.However, it will only be available in the US for a start then will be made available in other parts of the world, countries in Africa included.

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