Twitter Has Finally Launched Twitter Lite: Save Up Your Data Today Using Twitter Lite

Twitter has finally introduce their Lite, just Like Facebook it will enable you save up data. this will automatically connect and save data even with weaker connection. More than 40% of data is saved and optimized on the mobile version of the web and can go up to 70% when you go to your Twitter profile picture and Turn on the Data Saver.

The company announced that 45% of mobile connections are mainly on 2G. That’s the reason it optimized the speed and navigation of If you use latest version of Google Chrome on your Android, it will ask you to add Twitter mobile website as an app or bookmark to your home screen. Twitter Lite also offers offline notifications when your connection is slow and weak.

NOTE: Even the latest version of the twitter App on playstore does not have this Lite feature enabled on it. it is only available from the mobile online site, So don’t be confused and lost trying to download the Lite version.

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