SAD NEWS: Glo The Grand Master Of Data Reduced Their Data Plan Volume (Checkout)

I Have been Mourning and Crying Since i Noticed That Glo Has Totally Reduced their Data, It Seems Glo Has Lost Their Crown As Grand Master Of Data, This is One Of The Saddest News So Far when it comes to Glo and Data. What could Have Go wrong?.

Anyway I See their Network Has been Slow for a while now any Many Complains from Customers have get to their Table.  May the complaint of their customers didn’t give them the courage to fix their slow network issue but they went ahead to frustrate users the more. When their Network was High i Must say Glo is Indeed a Deal Breaker but what Happens Now?. What A Network.


  • N1000 now gives 1.6GB instead of 3.2GB
  • N2,000 now gives 3.75GB instead of 7.5GB
  • N2,500 now Gives 5GB instead of 10GB
  • N3,000 now gives 6GB instead of 12GB
  • N4,000 now Gives 8GB instead of 18GB
  • N5,000 now Gives 12GB instead of 24GB
  • N8,000 now gives 16GB instead of 48GB
  • N15,000 now gives 30GB instead of 60GB
  • N18,000 now gives 45GB instead of 90GB

The Fastruated Network Glo Also Did The Same To Their 4G LTE Data Plans, Time to Migrate Out Of Glo is Now. I Still Better Port back to my MTN I Guess it will be better for me.

Checkout The 3G Data Plans Screen Shot Lists

Whats Your Say On This Nonchalant Behavior From Glo Network?


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