How To Make A Password Protected ZIP File Using 7 Zip On PC/Computer

Have you think of uploading selected files online but want it to be password protected in other to make it private to selected people who you give out the password? This helps you to protect the spreading viral of certain files and program. I have been using this for a while now, Many might have their program which they normally uses. but we will be making use of 7Zip in other to carryout the operation.

NOTE: This tutorial can only be carryout on Computers, and Cannot be carried on Mobile phone except with a different tutorials.


 1. Download (7zip.exe Now)or from Run the program and install it.
2. Go to the file folder and highlight/multi select the file(s)
3. Right click one of the selected files, click 7zip from the menu and also click Add to archive from the sub-menu as they come up.

4. Save archive format as a zip. Saving archive format as 7zip will only make the file accessible to only 7zip users, but saving as .zip format makes it more general.

5. Under the encryption field, enter password. Ensure not to forget this password. Forgetting this password will prevent you opening this file.

6. Not all compression programs can open a
AES-256 encryption, Instead leave the ‘Encryption method’ as ‘ZipCrypto’ to maximize compatibility with other compression programs.

7. Click OK and a password encrypted .zip is created already.

You can now dance around and rejoice because you have sucessfully password protected the compressed file already, and when ever the files are opened, a password entry field pops up. And if password is wrong access is denied.

After this you can now upload it to the public and believe me not everyone can access it unless you decided to give out the password to users you feel like.


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