Checkout: Instagram For Android Smart Phones Now Works On Offline Mode

Instagram On Android Apps does not possess this feature before the ability to browse in offline mode, rather your Instagram will automatically disconnects it self once your data or wifi is switched off, But the Good new we bring to you is that Instagram Android users is that you can now browse without using data and if you are an ardent or avid Instagram user, being offline will no longer be an issue to you.

This feature is only available for android users for now, but will be available to iOS Users as promised by instagram. At F8 Conference  Facebook announced to give Instagram users offline mode feature in order for Instagram Android users to access the app without using data which means you will be able to see content that was previously loaded on Instagram’s feed, unfollow users, save media, leave comment on post, like post and all these will be applied once your connection is restored. Just like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Whats Your Say On This Offline Mode For Instagram Android User?


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