Teaser: See Rumored Specs Of Infinix Smartphones, Guess Which Is Coming Next

Many Rumors are everywhere debating on Infinix New Device to be released. Many Say Inifinix are about to Release Infinix Note 4. which is going to be an upgrade and better improvement than Note 3. It was also Rumored that the Infinix Note 4 will be powered with 5000mAh.
According to rumor, It will run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, 20MP camera,
4GB Ram and 2.0GHz
Deca core processor.

And Yet Another was Dropped as a Tester I will say It is Still unclear when Infinix will be letting the cat out of the box but
they took to their Official page few days back to tease a new device which is obviously
coming with dual camera. It looks like something from Hot S family is also
coming but for now we await for more details.

I Think this is all I have for Now. But we will still get in touch to Know which is Next in Line to be released. 

But which do you think Will Be Next?


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