Mark Zuckerberg Slowly Killing Off Snapchat Inc With Its Features Added On Facebook

Can Snapchat Save their Social Network? Because it now seems Mark Zuckerberg is a big threat to snapchat Inc. Mark Really wants to over shadow all the Social Medias or even Have it to himself.


Not Long Ago Mark
Zuckerberg offered $3 Billion Dollars to buy Snap Inc from Evan Spiegel
but his offer was refused . Evan Spiegel who’s just 25 years old had
first received an email from Zuckerberg in 2012 concerning Snapchat
before it went viral. Here’s a snapshot of the email. 

 Snapchat Immediately Bounce the Buyout Offer and Since After Snapchat rejected Zuckerberg’s buyout offer. Mark decided to bring the
game to them, placing business on level terms. Mark took one of the
features that made Snapchat stand out and expanded it to more people on
his own platforms. I’ll liken Mark to Pinky and the Brain.

first blow to Snapchat was kicked off on Instagram which has over 600
million monthly active users, compared with Snapchat’s 150 million daily
users. Instagram launched its own Instagram Stories just eight months
ago and has already hit that same 150 million daily-user level.

direct connection with Instagram and Facebook helped Instagram to reach
that feat in such a short time. This reduced Snapchat’s growth from 12%
to 3%.

Inc might have thought it might just stop at Instagram but Mark wasn’t
still satisfied with the results, he decided to open up the floodgates.
stories were added on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, which have
billions of users. Also the stories are also coming to the main Facebook
app as well. Snapchat still has a few perks Facebook hasn’t copied yet
but may soon copy. If Snapchat doesn’t do anything, anytime soon is will
become a place we all once knew. 

I Guess This is Just a War Between Facebook and Snapchat Inc Let just Keep Watching Know whats On Their Minds.



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