How To Disable/Stop Facebook From Notifying Your Friends About Your Birthday

I want to show you how to Disable friends from Receiving Notification About Your Birthday. Because at Times you might Have Up to Thousands of friends on Facebook and when they get notified about your birthday, You will get Many Private Messages and Timeline Comments which you will likely Love to Reply, But will not have enough Time to reply all.

Therefore Making Few feel that they are Less Important on your List which is very Bad. So to Avoid such You will need to disable Them from Getting notified about your Birthday In Other To Stay Friendly and Peaceful with them. This Method has been Carryout by My Boss at The Top, and It was Confirmed Working. So After you done with it don’t Panic you are at the safer side.

NOTE: You Must Do This Before Your Birthday Date. E.g (Your Birthday Is On 25/3/201*, You are Advice to Carryout The Setting atleast On 24/3/201*) In Other to avoid Facebook Sending them Notification Before The settings is carried Out.


1. Go to your profile, the tap Edit Profile.

2. Scroll down, locate Edit Your About Info and select this.

3. Scroll down to Basic Info and tap Edit.


4. Tap the audience selector beside Birthday and set to Only Me.

5. Do the same thing for Birth Year and set to Only Me.


1. Go to your timeline and click About

2. On the left panel, select Contact and Basic Info

3. One your  Birthday and Birth Year, set the audience selector to Only Me.

When You Finally Done With The above steps. your birthday should no longer appear on your profile and friends will no longer be notified when your birthday approached.

Please Share With Your Friends. This Tutorial Will Be Useful To Them As Well


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