How To Use and Chat On Whatsapp Freely Without Any Internet Connection

As Internet and Network subscription Bills are increasing whatsapp is using the opportunity to make away for their users in other not to be affected with the recession, Although all data plan are increasing on mostly daily basis, But Whatsapp has Enabled Chatsim to be able to function on whatsapp. this means you can chat without internet connection using Chatsim.

Are you just hearing the Chatsim for Today? If Yes. ChatSim is just normal network sim card you are using in your devices
which are manufactured in Milan, Italy. By using this ChatSim in your
android phone you can make the call and contact with your friends and
family can use Whatsapp without using an data connection. Not only in
WhatsApp, you can also use other messenger apps like Hike messenger,
BBM, WeChat and many more. But Before we Proceed below are things to Know About Chatsim

 Features Of Chatsim

  • At First, you need to Buy a Chatsim for one Year which costs 950 Rs
  • After puchasing chatsim, you have to activate Chatsim with your number
  • Then Enter the 20 digit verification code on the sim card
  • Once your chatsim is activated then you can use whatsapp without internet
  • Chatsim also supports to send videos and whatsapp calling.

You might be wondering if you can buy this chatsim Card from Mobile Simcard centers, But below is how to pay for the chatsim.


As i said Earlier Chatsim cards not available on shops officially. You can buy it on
online shopping sites like amazon and others. Just follow the steps to
buy chatsim online.

Now pay the amount and complete transaction. But before you can use the chatsim card freely you will surely Need to Activate it in other to enable it work properly.

How To Activate & Use Chatsim In Your Mobile :

  • At First Goto 
  • On the sim data section, enter your mobile number and sim id number.
  • Now fill the form with your address and other required infos.
  • Then upload your any identity aadhar card or voter id and continue.
  • Then finish the registration and wait  minutes.
  • Your chatsim will successfully activated now.
  • Enjoy unlimited whatsapp, hike and much more with chatsim.

 I guess this above method and guide will surely put you through on how to use whatsapp freely without any internet connect. You can chat with the sim in any Network signal unlike other smcards operating on 3G and 4G in other to connect properly You are good to go.


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