DOWNLOAD: Latest Version Of GB Whatsapp V5.30.apk – To Use Up to 4 Whatsapp On Your Phone

New Version of Most wanted Whatsapp GB is out again, As we all know with this GB Whatsapp we can run upto 3 to 4 Whatsapp account on one Mobile Phone without Encountering any Issue on your devices. it possess much features unlike the whatsapp we all use.

In Whatsapp GB you can Hide your Last Seen, Hide Second Tick, Hide Blue Tick, etc. It
also gives you the ability to use up to 4 different WhatsApp accounts on
a single phone and you have the option to theme your WhatsApp UI
however you want.


NOTE: Using Whatsapp GB On your device You can run all three GB WhatsApp versions together with your stock WhatsApp without Encountering any issue or Story that touches the heart.


* Update to version Almarki 2:17:24 
(exclusively) the ability to display messages sent from anyone in the
group separately (Open any group , and then click on any name , and then
choose to view messages sent from that person or lighter profile group ,
and then choose any member and select View Messages sent by this user) 

* (exclusive) add option 2.5.7 The software will alert you when any person to change his image personal
* (exclusively) you can convert any video of any size to a moving picture and send it 
* the possibility of opening new chat from the button floating 
* repair hide the appearance of widgets 
* repair does not appear amendment privacy case option 
* repair option 2.4.11 to change the size of the rows in the list of names 
* repair send chat by email

* Other reforms


* DOWNLOAD: GB WhatsApp+ Version 5.30 (To Run Three Accounts)

DOWNLOAD: GB WhatsApp3 Version 5.20 (To Run Four Accounts)
Download it is very easy to use.


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