WATCH VIDEO: Nokia 6 Smart Phone Front and Back Breaks Walnut, Built To Last Longer

We are proud of Nokia because when they are in for the game you know they are in for it, the newly Nokia 6 has undergo some serious test and has been said to have long Life because is been made of High Metal body. A few days back, Nokia teased the Nokia 6 as featuring a military grade
body which can withstand a wide range of extreme condition. Conditions
the device is touted as capable of withstanding include extreme
temperature, high humidity, snow, water etc.

 This time around, Nokia 6 which comes with an all-metal unibody was used to smashed a walnut both the front and back in the teaser video below.

the tester in the video used both the front screen and the back casing
to smash the walnut and it did break the shell without any damage to
the Nokia 6’s display or body, not even a scratch.  If there is anything most of us love about Nokia is the ruggedity and rascality just like the old Nokia 3310.

 Below Is The Test Video For Nokia 6.

How do you See this device?


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