See Photos: OMG! Checkout This Phone Battery That Comes With Fire Extinguisher

Alot Of Fake Batteries has been built which have cause many damages even beyond what we expect earlier last year we heard about explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. and they where to Provide the Cause of the Explosion on the devices. but Reuters
said the battery was the cause of the explosion which means the battery
used in making Samsung Galaxy note 7 was totally fake or vague.

So researchers at Stanford may have find solution and has developed battery with their own fire extinguishers.

The researchers said in an article;

“When Lithium-Ion gets very hot when in use and in some cases can cause the battery to explode or catch fire.
If the battery gets too hot, a
protective layer with flame retardant
properties would melt and pout out
fires almost as soon as they could
start”. The material used is triphenyl phosphate or TPP.

Meanwhile, using TPP inside a battery can take a toll on the performance
of the battery. So the new method puts TPP into a protective shell that
keeps it separate from the battery until temperatures are high enough
to melt the shell. 
Of course! This is the best solution to prevent an exploding phone to cause a serious damage but a better
solution might also be found to keep battery temperatures from rising to dangerous levels in the
first place. 
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