See Photo: How To Know, Identify and Spot a Fake & a Cloned Infinix Note 3 Android Phone

In The Past few days i have recieved many messages and questions from users and also readers of this blog complaining how their Infinix do drain Up Unnecessary and this made me to go into a great research and solution to the issue at hand and i found out that there are some hungry men out there trying to ruin and faustrate the life of infinix users.

has come to the point that greedy and unfair people are now cloning
Infinix Note 3 and then selling it in market or shops to unsuspected
buyers. Please look at above image very well which will really help all
intended Infinix Note 3 buyers to differentiate between original Infinix
Note 3 and the cloned Infinix Note 3.

  Please share this article and image with your friends to save one the stress of buying fake and cloned phone


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