Latest and Working Settings For Glo and Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Using Stark VPN – January 2016

As we all have been so much concerned about all our readers, we have finally bring to you the latest free browsing with another VPN, Known as Stark VPN As we all have known the used of VPN, It is usually used to browse Anonymously on the Globe.

We know there have been many cracked Glo N0.00kb And Etisalat free browsing cheat which has been cracked and which many have enjoyed while some are still flexing it but for those who finds it difficult to set up their VPN The good news here is that this VPN is so easy to use unlike the Most Popular Psiphon VPN.

Features Of Of Stark VPN

  1.  It’s totally free (No premium account required).
  2. There is no speed throttling unlike psiphon handler.
  3. It doesn’t force stop.
  4. It’s the easiest to setup.
  5. It’s unlimited.
How To Setup The Stark VPN For Glo And Etisalat Tweak
=> For etisalat and Glo users, make sure you use your default APN settings.
=> Install and launch the Stark VPN app.
=> Click on location and select any of the available locations or choose “Auto Select Location“.
=> Click on tweaks and select Glo or Etisalat (depending on the one you are using).
=> Click on the red “disconnect” button and wait for a few seconds while it connects.
That’s all guys. If you have any question or faced any difficulty then feel free to drop it in the comment box below.
Note: While the Glo N0 tweak is unlimited, the Etisalat tweak is limited to just 60mb per day.

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