Airtel Soon Set To Launch Their 4G LTE Network In Nigeria, How Soon?

Airtel 4G LTE Network Set to be Launch in Nigeria Soon, But my problem Now is when? It is interesting that Airtel made a similar claim of having completed
LTE testing back in 2012. This reminds one of Glo’s claims in 2011 of
having launched a 4G LTE network.

it was Airtel that had been in the news as having concluded various
phases of tests of their 4G LTE network. An April 2016 press item from
the operator said that they 8had completed 4G LTE testing in Lagos. The
press release also stated that tests would commence in other cities like
Abuja and Port Harcourt.

For now, anyone in Nigeria who is interested in 4G service has to look elsewhere. While All Airtel Users and Subscribers are waiting to Exhale, Then subscribers on other mobile networks and elsewhere have been
enjoying mobile broadband via 4G LTE, Airtel subscribers are waiting to
exhale. No-one seems to know exactly when Airtel 4G LTE will go live.

 No One Actually Knows their launching Date but Let just Relax and Keep Watching To know their Next Step to Take on this Issue..


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