Specification and Cost Of The Newly Unveiled Nokia 150 SmartPhone and Availability Locations

Nokia is really fighting hard to get back into the global market world, We are still Expecting a Nokia device to be launched and now is another, i know many are familiar with Android phones, and Also many dont want to use any other device but Android. but don’t have such mentality because you still need a smaller device especially for your calls and other minor activities.

Because Nokia is dishing out to us another Mid range device with code name Nokia 150. The Nokia 150 (single sim) and Nokia 150 Dual SIM phones, come
with built in FM radio1 and MP3 player. large 2.4” screen and easy
to use user interface. The phones charge with a standard
micro-USB charger and come with a LED torchlight.

The phones will be available in the 1 quarter of 2017. the phones have outstanding battery life, with talk time
lasting up to 22 hours, and standby times of up to 31 days for the Single SIM
and 25 days for the Dual SIM variant. The new Nokia 150 will be available next quarter in Europe, Asia and Africa.

See Basic Specifications.

Device                              Nokia 150 and
Nokia 150 Dual SIM
Operating system           Nokia
Series 30+
Display                            2,4” QVGA
Battery                            BL-5C ,1020 mAh4
Talk time              Talk
time: up to 22 hours,Standby time: up to 31 days for Single SIM, and up to 25
days for Dual SIM
Camera                          VGA with LED
Connectivity                  900/1800 MHz, micro USB, 3.5mm
AV connector, Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
Memory                         MicroSD card support up to 32GB5
Dimensions                    118.0×50.2×13.5mm,81.0g
(including battery)
Price: $26



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