See 6 Ways To Make Blogging More Easier For You As A Worker Or Students

I Came across this Post on Vibertechs Blog. and found it interesting and have decided to write a smilliar articles like this to help my fellow bloggers also. i Know many are always willing to blog but found it difficult to make out time for it, which is really bad. Because without updating your blog you will gradually be lossing your visitors.

Because when they keep visit with intention to view new updates and end up noticing no updates has been made he or she will automatically jump into conclusion thay the blog writer is so weak and lazy to make updates. Even I at times i found it difficult to updates because at time i dont Schedules my works.

I will be therefore a Showing you some ways to ease the stress in blogging. All you need to learn is that there is time for everything. Time to face your book as a student, Time to relax and Rest and time to Update your blog as a Blogger so therefore you need to follow some of my below method which Am sure i have been using before i found this article online.

1.  Dont Operate On Two or More Blog.

Dont have more than One Blog, or website because updating two website will totally consume half of your time and incase were you have new blog, you will always like to update regularly in other to be receiving organic traffic and in such a case you have less time for your study which is not suppose to be so.

2. Get Someone To Help You Run Your Blog

can do everything for you but a human touch always stands out from work
done by just computers. It’s quite possible your RSS feed reader may
not cover everything you need to know because you didn’t add as many
sites as possible. In this case, you can employ someone to post for you
either on a weekly or daily basis if you have the cash. You can also
offer the person an incentive like free data subscription every month.

3. Let The Internet Work For You

You may wonder how you’ll be able to share your posts if you schedule posts. It’s very simple
don’t bother myself about sharing posts unless if I want to share it on
Instagram or Google Plus Communities. Use IFTTT or HOOTSUIT to automatically share
your blog posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and a
whole lot of other websites. If you have a Facebook group, Hootsuite can
handle the posting on the group.

 4. Schedule Posts For The Future

you have a lot of lectures during the week and you won’t have enough
chance to make posts every day you can simply make the posts on weekends
then schedule it to post at any day of the week. Blogger and WordPress
have this feature, it’ll help you keep your readers updated while you
attend to other relevant activities.
5. Set A Schedule For Replying To Comments
won’t be on the PC or Phone 24/7. I hardly use my laptop to blog these
days. I find it easier using my smartphone so it’s possible you may also
like using your smartphone. Set a specific time schedule to reply to
Comments. This will keep your readers engaged and know when to come back
and get a reply to their questions.
6. Don’t Search For News, Let The News Come To You
is the best way to get latest updates without stressing yourself and
going round tons of websites to get stories. An RSS feed reader can help
you do this. Simply add the feed URL of all the top sites in your niche
to the feed reader. Once there’s a new story you get it instantly. No
This is what have been helping me for a while so i advise you to try them out and see if it will be helpful to you also. 

I Hope this Six (6) Guideline helps?



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