SCAM ALERT: MMM Reclaim Is A Scam, Those Desperate To Get Help From MMM At This Period This Message Is For You

Many will go Extra miles to recover ther Mavro by themselves without even waiting for MMM To Reopen it but be careful for all Those who are so desperate to Get Help (GH) On MMM. Because at this period in time scammers who know that MMM Will still function well are using this Opportunity of frozen Mavro to Penerate into the account of Many MMM Member using a Phishing Website.

What Do I Mean By Phishing Here?

Phisphing Simply means Trying to use a website which is a kind of Clone to the original Website page your are trying to Access. it is simply called a Fake website page which look exactly like the original website.

As we all know that there are many fake MMM Website online, and All MMM Promoter and guilder have been warning all members not to access MMM site using any URL Apart from in other to free away from scammer. Earlier this Morning Another MMM Promoter on Telegram warn User who are desperate to Cash out their Mavro in His Text He said.

Important notice 

For those of you in desperate quest to GH,  this is for u,  let not ur desperation land u into losing  all ur money in MMM. Scammer has taken this period of frozen marvro to send unsolicited messages to MMM participants, requesting you to send them your MMM Full name, MMM email, MMM Phone number , Mmm password to

Do not fall for them, they are scammer else you will be defrauded of ur money,
Another website also called is also fraudulent as they claim to  assist you in pleading with MMM agent to pay u ur frozen marvro,  dont fall for them, they are Scammer.

What to do this period and afterwards

👉When you want to gh always check ur bank details if it has been tampered with
👉If matched call or SMS the sender to pay into the account provided on order box in ur Private Office (P.O)
👉Any information u need is always in ur P.O
👉Do not rely on them say, them say, believe the one in your P.O
👉Ensure to log out from ur device or another person device after use to access MMM account.
👉If u always save login details in browser, ensure the device  is yours,  and also ensure ur device is password protected to avoid unauthorise use
👉For those of you who are using fake email to create MMM account, let Scammers not create that email before u do, else u lose ur MMM account totally to them. No recovery for you.

Please Keep Calm and Don’t Rush in other not to lose your Money for Scammers, MMM Will Be surely Back In January 14th 2017. So Pay Deaf hear to those saying MMM Has Crashed. Because Together We Can Change The World


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