New Features: Audio Background Play back and Two-Step Verification Has Been Enabled In WhatsApp

Whatsapp is really Rolling out with dope features, Sooner or Later people woudnt border chatting on BBM anymore, Because whatsapp is gradually over taken BBM in it features. WhatsApp rolled out its video calling features to beta testers and
now again, two updates have been added. They are:

  • 2 step Authentication: Although we’ve been waiting for this to manifest and now, we
    have WhatsApp 2-factor authentication. this is to improve the security features, This new features has gone live on the
    latest beta version of whatsapp (2.16.341 and above, maybe even earlier).
  •  Audio Play back In Background: You can now play Audio messages in the background.
    Previously, you had to keep WhatsApp open and stay within the conversation to
    hear any voice message received in it. But now reverse is the case, you switch
    to other conversation, apps etc as long as the audio message isn’t finish, it
    will keep playing.

Go to account settings in WhatsApp, you’ll see a new Two-step verification option.
Tap it to get to a screen that explains what 2-step verification is and get the
option to enable it.

Enter a 6-digit passcode that you’ll be asked for each time
you try to register your phone number with WhatsApp, and confirm it. You’ll
also need to give an email address that’ll be used to reset your passcode
should you forget it.

Once that’s done, two-step verification will be active on
your phone number. No one will be able to activate WhatsApp with the same phone
number unless they have the passcode or access to the email account to reset

NOTE:  If you not a Beta Tester, Don’t border yourself, Just Relax and wait for the Update to be Updated in Google Playstore. So don’t even Think your android device is not fit for the update


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