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Even though the majority of modern laptops and desktops come with a huge amount of space that you can use to store your data, still there are the specific situations and such an important information that can only be stored externally, so no one can reach it. In such cases, the external hard drives are used. They are convenient, easily connected to your computer and affordable for your pocket. Don’t waste a minute and acquire one of the best external hard drives for sale via Jiji. And in a meanwhile find out other reasons why they are necessary for your to have at your home.

№1 – Large capacity
If comparing the hard drives and the flash drives, the advantages of the first ones are that they are available in much larger capacities. It is very much likely that you will find the hard drives, which are 1TB in size or even larger. Such hard drives that provide with so much space are used for storing videos, movies and other heavy files.

№2 – High speed
Apart from large capacities available, the hard drives can also work on very high speeds. Copying large files takes a little time and if you choose a hard drive with high RPM speeds, it will even work faster. Note that if you want to be able to edit video-files right from your hard drive, you should choose the one with a firewire connection.

№3 – Portability
Portability is probably one of the key hard drives’ advantages. This makes it easy and convenient to carry them with you. Moreover, they can be plugged literally into any computer and they do not require any additional drivers installation. If you want the hard drives that are smaller in size, opt for the ones that are meant to work with the laptops, as the ones designed for the desktops are much bigger.

№4 – Easy to use
When plugged into a computer, any hard drive is recognized by the operating system automatically – no matter if it’s Windows or Apple. Just within the seconds the drive is ready to work just like it is an internal drive fitted inside your computer.

№5 – Security
Some hard drives possess such useful and important feature as data encryption. This means that once the files are transferred to the hard drive, they change into hieroglyphs to anyone who would try to access them without a special permission that only you know how to get.


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