How To Fix This ” Playstore Not Working” After Installation Of Freedom Android App

Many have been using Freedom APK App for Android, this Software is used to EMulate google Playstore in other to purchase Premium App free from google playstore. But If you have recently used Freedom APK, and your Google Play Store isn’t working, Why the panic? We will be showing you the way to Resolve and fix this issue at once.

Athough many have been trying their best to fix this but No way the worste part of it is that  Even if you clear google play store’s app data, uninstall it or reinstall it, the problem will persist. But we have the ultimate solution below. Before we Proceed make sure you fitful the requirement below.



NOTE: See Make sure that you have rebooted your device before doing anything To Avoid story that touches.
1. Open Root Explorer APP.

2. You will see an option to go to Root or Storage. Choose Root.

3. Go to etc folder.
4. Go below and find a file named hosts.’ Long press on the file and delete it.

NOTE: Don’t forget to copy it to your SD card if anything goes wrong. You can copy it back to it default folder for security purposes.
If After the above solution and it seems not to be working fine then you are recommended to try out step two below.
 1. Follow all the above steps until you find ‘hosts’ file.
2. Long press on ‘hosts‘ and through options choose Open with Text Editor.
3. Delete all the data there and paste localhost.

4. Just Save it and exist, that’s All

The 3minutes call tax


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