Airtel Network Was Fined N5 Million For Unsolicited Messages To A Customer

I think this is the best thing tat has happened to airtel network as they were fined 5Million to pay for their Unsolicited Messages. at times i will be like, Am i dating airtel Network? the keep on bordering me with their annoying messages.

 Anyway Late last year, Dec 21, one Mr Emmanuel Anene filed a suit against Airtel
for continues disturbances through unsolicited messages to his line. Claiming
N200Million damages was caused due to their messages.

After all set and done the
court, therefore, decided to award him with the sum of N5 million to the plaintiff instead of the
N200 million he had claimed as damages. the worst part of it was When Plaintiff Reported to Airtel Nigeria they did not respond to the plaintiff’s suit  rather, they were busy disturbing other people with unsolicited calls and messages.

See Tweet From One of Airtel Customer

We still even Complaining of airtel sending Unsolicited messages and calls, although some of the messages are educative but many dont even needs the message at all But now the situation have even worsen, because now it is a pop up
message that will just appear in front of your phone screen, if you mistakenly
click ok, N50 weekly will be deducted from your account.

Nov 2nd 2016, the court ruled that “the defendant
has been directed to pay to the plaintiff damages not the N200 million the
plaintiff asked for but N5 million only
How I Wish I Could Also Sue MTN and Etisalat For Their Unsolicited SMS and Calls


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