See Photos: Checkout SUV IVM G6 Automobile Car, Officially Made In Nigeria

This SUV is actually manufactured in Nigeria, by Innoson Motors, this is the first Automobile brand Made in African, we believe they will also manufacture more and durable Automobile for Affordable Price. those this actually means is the message Mr common sense is trying to pass across to Patronize  Nigeria to grow and give its Naira Value.

They officially took to their
Facebook page to announce the latest brand new IVM SUV G6 cooked in the 
factory in Nnewi, Anambra state and I can tell you, it looks good to compete
with its contemporaries around the world. I am so Happy you can checkout their facebook page to see the reactions of Nigerian.


Many are still deliberate Government should band the importation of cars from foreign countries, but for me i dont see anything wrong in it. i dont actually know your opinion on this.
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