See 3 Easy Steps On How To Increase or Boost Your Android Phone RAM

I want to be showing you how to increase your your RAM speed for your device, because when you purchase Phone New it is usually fast but as time goes On it began to slow down, and at times you get provoked with your device that you will feel like Piecing the device.

FIRST: You are adviced to Install A cache Cleaner but i will recommend you, to go for Clean Master, it will Remove junk files and also Clean up The RAM of the device therefore Increasing it Performances. You can download Clean Master App Via Google Playstore.


SECOND:  Please don’t misquote me, Using Widget on your device is cool because it gives your device an awesome look but you are adviced to limit the use of widgets in your smartphone device and also live
wallpaper. Live Wallpaper and widgets runs in your device background and
there by taking a huge maximum of your RAM and as well drain your
smartphone battery.

THIRD:  Some Unused App on your device also Drain Your battery and Occupies your Internal memory it also involve in slowing down your phone therefore You are Recommended to Force Stop or Disable unused application in your device, they also use
up RAM space in your smartphone. So i advice you if there are some apps
installed in your phone which you barely use, please uninstall it or
disable the app.

By Doing All this, Believe Me You will always maintain the fastness of your device and also Increase the Speed of your RAM.

 Give it a Try and Tell Us Any Other Way To Boost the Speed of Your RAM. Let Hear From You


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