Must Read: SMILE Network Introduces Smile0702 4G LTE Simcard

I think this another new development, SMILE is here with their 4G LTE sim card as we are in the 4th generation of teechnology and everything is getting more advanced, whenever you hear about smile don’t focus your thinking on facial smile but this time on a Network which was earlier launched.

Smile halso introduce an en-compassing bundle and free offer, Smile0702 4G LTE Sim Packs for N1000
Your 4G smile LTE sim can be used on any device which supports 4G Network especially Band 20 (800Mhz). you can also usee this sim to make both local and international calls, also can be used for streaming Videos,music and also download files and send SMS.

But Voice calls and SMS from a data package will be
charged at 8k/sec from home and abroad on the Smile voice only plan, free calls
from abroad on the Smile Voice app which has been made available for download on the IOS and Google play-store.

There some offers which you are to enjoy by using this sim, Smile offers consumers 30 days   unlimited access
to social network sites, 30 days access to unlimited browsing, 30 minutes Short
Message Service [SMS] and 30 minutes calls to any network.
What Do You Have To Contibute About This Sim?


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