Must Read: Samsung Has Been Temporarily Suspended From Production Of Galaxy Note 7


This is the worst news that had ever happened to Samsung, Samsung have Recorded Series of Explode in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung should be Ashame of their self because the use of of this Samsung is not Safe talk more of Replacement of any damaged Part.

Many Selling company have Ceased the selling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, also American Carries like the T-Mobile and AT&T have are also no longer selling this device Many Carriers are now accepting the unconditional Exchange.

Yonhap one of the Korea New Agency Earlier reported Monday morning that Samsung has stopped the production of
Galaxy Note 7. The halt is apparently temporary. Samsung has declined to comment on the story when asked by international news agencies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the best device then but as for Now one can not tell because it has cause many Accidents with the Recent Exploding infact I must Confess this device has become an Unprecedented Attack on humanity and also to the world of Android Technology as a Whole.

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