Must Read: Here Are My Experience On The Whatsapp New Video Call Features (See Photos)

I believe many Majority of whatsapp users is not aware of the new whatsapp Video call features, and for few who are aware of this have tested it and confirmed it working but not yet stable, but with stable network you should have what you are in for.

I tried calling a User who doesnt have the whatsapp feature enabled for his version but it was displaying “Couldnt Place Call”  this is to say this users have not yet updated to the latest version of the whatsapp.

When trying to see how strong this video call will be with 4G Network, it was stable and the face of my the
 person i am communicating was so bright and the voice so clear. switched back to active 3G and it takes
forever to connect.

I believe is just matter of few weeks the video calling features
should be available to normal whatsapp users on Google Playstore. For now Let just allow the WhatsApp
admins test this awesome video calling features and give us feed back.

What do you have to Say About This Features


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