Must Read: Easiest Method on How to Create A Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin is that one single crypto-currency that has gained lots of prominent over the years and is now legally and widely acceptable as medium of exchange for both physical and digital goods and services.

Bitcoin still remains the only distinctive and unique crypto-currency that has true face value and that is acceptable in many online stores and some offline stores worldwide.
Can you just imagine that as we speak now, a single Bitcoin is equivalent to about $610 have you come to think of this before?

You might be thinking is difficult making a transaction with bitcoin I know many will find it as a big deal but I am telling you is as simple as any other means of online exchange. So what else do you need to know?

But I must Say this, before you create your bitcoin you need a bitcoin wallet to carry out any of your bitcoin transactions. This bitcoin wallet is just like a medium or way you will be using to manage all your bitcoin transaction.
So I will be showing you procedure on how to create Free bitcoin wallet.


In creating a bitcoin wallet you are required to have a Valid Email address and also a strong Password to be used in your bitcoin account Let’s Proceed , follow my below steps

• Visit This Bitcoin world largest bitcoin transaction provider.

• Now Click on Wallet Menu

• After that Click on Create Wallet

• Now fill in Your Email, Password and Confirm Password

• At this time you will Receive your Wallet I.D and your Email Confirmation Link

• Just Click on Confirm Email Link and You Good To Go.

• Congratulation!!! You Have Just Successfully Created Yourself Your First Bitcoin Wallet, Now to Login Your Account, Just Proceed To the Blockchain Now click on the Wallet Menu and Login with Your Wallet I.D and Password.

Let Us Know if You Encountering any Problem?


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