IMEI TWEAKING: How To Get Free 4GB and 9GB on MTN For Ghanaian – August 2016


Today I will be showing you how to Accumulate Free MTN internet Gigabytes for Ghanians and not Nigerian because I believe that many nigeria are enjoying and surfing most of the free internet browsings.

You can Accumulate upto 400GB on your MTN for Ghanaians and this Gigabyte works on PC and all Android Mediatek (MTK) devices. This will be the best tweak that some ghanians have bypassed on this Blog.


I will be listing things Needed to enjoy this Internet IMEI free mtn browsing.

• A Pen and Book

• An MTN Sim for Better Benefit

• Mediatek (MTK) Android Devices Such devices are infinix, Tecno, Itel, Oppson, Pipo and Many more.

You must know how to tweak your device to enjoy this mb because it require tweaking your imei but I will talk little on how to tweak your imei for your device.

How To Tweak Your Android Phone IMEI To Enjoy Free browsing

1. First of all click here link1or here link2 to
download and install
tool if you don’t have it.

2. Open the mobile uncle tool and scroll to
Engineering mode (MTK)
and click it.

3. Click on CDS information

4. Click the Radio information and you will
phone 1 and phone 2.
Depending on the sim imei you wish to
phone 1 is sim 1 and
phone 2 is sim 2

5. To change sim 1 imei number, touch
phone 1
and in the
popup, touch the AT+

6. Once you touch the Key board will pop
In the key board you type any single letter
and cancel only the letter you have type.
Immediately you can notice the scribes that
required for you It looks like AT

7. Click the first row and after 7 you can
notice the simple “” delete the last inverted
comma and type the imei number
you generated

8. Verify the typed imei numbers,
then close the inverted commas ”

9. Click the SEND AT COMMAND

10. Once the pop up display indicates AT
command successfully send.

11. Reboot or You can just switch your phone to Airplan mode and Activate to Normal mode in other to apply the
above procedures to Enjoy your free Data.

Now you can just tweak the below IMEI to enjoy the mtn 4GB and 9GB free data

How To Enjoy MTN 4GB and 9GB Data PlanFor Free (IMEI Tweaking)

• First of all you will need to write down this imei 867066025298***

• Now add any 3digits to the imei number to make it 15 digits E.g ( 867066025298963)

• Now use the Above procedures which I dropped Earlier to tweak the imei you generated and when you are done tweaking.

• Send in text format MB to 151 and you would receive your 1GB.

I believe this will help but only use for Educational Purpos only and don’t abuse because is illegal in some Countries.


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