Easiest Method on How To Unlock Any Modem in few Seconds


Many people are still faced with the challenges of unlocking their modem. Although they mighty have been many tutorial which has been tested and confirm working, but many finds it difficult to follow other Procedures which are every where online.

But iam not happy seeing people Paying for unlocking modem many people pay Upto N500 or Even N1500 so because of that
I have decided to be showing you another simplest way to unlock Your modem be it Huawei or ZTE Card, all you need now is pay total attention to the below step to avoid Error.

Requirements To Unlock Your Modem

• The Modem You want To Unlock

• Good Internet and Fast Connection

• A Desktop or Laptop

How To Unlock Your Modem Easily

1. Locate Your Modem IMEI Number which is written at the back of the Modem. It comes in this formate. (321456987523145) Make sure you write it down on a sheet of paper.

2. Now Write the the Manufacturing Company of the Modem it is also usually in this formate. (Huawei or ZTE).

3. Now select any of the Below Link according to The Modem Name.

Unlock ZTE Modem

Unlock Huawei Modem

4. You will see a Space where you are to type in Your IMEI number, Type it in there

5. Click on the Calculator Button and wait, Your unlock Code will be Provided for You. It is usually in this Formate (NCK: 354239682 or Unlock: 354239682)

6. Make sure You write your Unlock Code correctly in the same sheet of Paper you wrote down your IMEI number.

7. Remove your Sim card from the modem and Insert another Sim card, make sure the network is different from the modem. E.g Your modem is MTN Fastlink, You will have to input Glo or Airtel.

8. Now input the Unlocking Code you Generated Earlier.

9. That’s All.

10. Now Your modem will open swiftly without any display of incorrect Pin or error,and Now you can Browse

Note: we have some stubborn Modem if it didn’t work out for You kindly Comment Below let provide adequate Solution to your Problem.


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