DOWNLOAD: Latest Web Tunnel.apk For Free internet Privacy


We the Clickedwap Tch Blog are introducing to You, webTunnel, it is a Powerful http Tunneling VPN which provides users online with Privacy and Protection where your network administrator only allows users to access through HTTP/SSL proxy

This VPN carriers your data over HTTP/SSl Tunnel hence giving you complete protection from underlying vpn, am sure this will be surely useful to every reader of this blog.

This app needs the following permission to function properly so don’t forget!

Access current location

Access external storage

Access network

Access phone state and task list


• No registration is required

• All HTTP Tunnel servers are deployed in
1gb network

• Daily free privacy protection on your
100mb data

• No speed limit

• HTTP Tunnel servers in 15 countries

Where To Download?

This App is Available Here kindly DOWNLOAD: WebTunnel.apk

For More info about webtunnel VPN also READ MORE


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