Bad News: Paypal Now Allow Zimbabwean To Receive Fund, While Nigeria is been Dumped


I must say this is a Bad news for Nigeria, Paypal just Neglected Nigeria in terms of Receiving payment, and highly Jump and go for Zimbabwe. Although Paypal was Launched in Nigeria and Zimbabwe in the Year 2014.

It was also Launched in other Countries as for 2014 But deactivated the receive fund features on their platform limiting users to only send funds but won’t be able to receive.

Even of recently Paypal Ranked Nigeria 3rd, China 1st while Indian 2nd After paypal Dump Nigeria from Receiving Payment they went ahead to Enable receive Fund for Zimbabwe it simply means that they can now receive payment from paypal.

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All they keep on Doing is to Bypassing Nigeria, I know many people will like to work from home and Receive Payment via Paypal but all Neglect the Job now because inability to receive payment in Nigeria,

Nigeria Have Suffered oh, when will Nigeria ever start Receiving payment via Paypal?


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