How to Get Airtel 5GB and 2GB for N200 Respectively


Many who are Current Might have by passed this cheap Airtel data plan, You might think is not working but this Really rocking for those who have tried it.

Many are complaining that they can’t browse with this, while few say is working perfectly, what do you think kindly test it and see if it works fine for your device.

How To Get 2GB and 5GB for N200 on Airtel

Simple Dial *482# and Now Select The 2GB Option for N200. Valid for 14days

Or You can Still Choose the Second Option which goes for 4GB for N500. Valid for 1Month

Now The Table is at your Court so Make your Choice and Flex, but if it doesn’t work for Then don’t Panic because we can still work on its Settings which can Power it on, So Kindly Give it a try,

Comment if Yours is Not working for Browsing


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