APN Internet Settings For Ntel 4G LTE Network For Browsing


Ntel Network which was earlier Introduced is Now going Viral, many in Abuja and Lagos who bought this Sim are Now using it on their 4G LTE supported Devices, But we Notice that Many have been finding it difficult to Configure it just Like MTN which you manually Configure for Internet Browsing.

I don’t Like making my Post Complicated, therefore I will be dishing out the APN which can be used to configure this Sim for easy Access of the Internet, without given you much Stress, As we all know that the 4G LTE Network is the Fastest so Far and latest Devices now comes with it.

I will be Dishing out 2 Aspect of my Configuration to use, You can Simply Configure it with one or Two.

NOTE:Make sure that your cell phone is
Flexible Division Duplex (FDD) with support for LTE 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz) spectrum bands. This Informations Can Easily be Seen on the product packaging or documentation which usually comes with it.

How To Configure Ntel APN for Browsing

Switch on the 4G LTE Network, To do this Go to your Mobile Network and Activate 4G (Recommended) or 4G LTE as Preferred in your Device.

Locate to Your Access point Settings and Create the Below Settings

Ntel 4GB Configuration 1

APN Name: Ntel Network or Clickedwap Network
APN: ntel
username: ntel
password: ntel

Just Leave other Fields Empty and Save it.

Now You can Also Tryout Our Second Ntel Internet Service Configuration

APN Name: Ntel Network or Clickedwap Network
APN: ntel
username: blank
password: blank

With this above Settings I Believe it should work out fine for You, just give it a try.

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