You Can Now Browse Facebook Free of Charge with Facebook App, Using Airtel Sim


I don’t know If Many have Noticed this? When Launching Your Facebook App with Airtel Sim, You will Notice that there are Two Option which will pop up, Either to Use the Facebook free of Charge or to Apply Data Charges, But when Surfing Facebook Free, You can’t View photos You only Allow to Chat.

Now if You are in Suituation where No money to buy Data, and You Really need to Surf Facebook, I believe it will be the Best Option at that Point in time, Although I do Prefer Using This Free Facebook but is at My liesure time or when I feels I don’t want to Subscribe for the day.

You might be Wondering why this? But I Hope You haven’t forgetten. That Facebook Partner with Airtel Network, To provide Free internet Basics for Free Facebook Browsing (READ MORE) in Nigeria, which Am sure is Taking Effect Now or What do You think?


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