READ: Tecno Boom J8 is Unable To Send Music Via Whatsapp and Bluetooth


The Newly Launched Smartphone From Tecno, A bug Has been Detacted in this New Tecno Boom J8, It Should be Fixed as Soon as Possible or This will Graudually Paint this New Awesome Device Black. I guess Tecno Should just Do Something About this or An Update Should be Provided in Other to Fix It. Or Users Will No Longer Go for This Device.

I know Many people Prefer Sending Files Via Flashare But What About thoses that Still Send and Receive Musics Through Bluetooth? And what About People that Love Sharing Music Through whatsapp, What do you Suggest they Do?

As for me it was like a Joke when A users Came to A Technology World where they Sell phones, and Complains that He can’t Send Music to Another Device or Send Music through Whatsapp. I thought it was a Minor Case, I can Fix.

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Of The New TECNO Boom j8

Not Untill About Four Users Who Bought This Device Still Confirmed it to be Through that they are Unable to Transfer Music to another Device through Bluetooth and also Finds it Difficult to Share Music on Whatsapp.

I was Like Why this Problem? All I Pray is for Tecno Mobile to try get in Touch with this Articles and Finding Solution To this Problem which is Slowing Terminating the Image of this Device!


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