How To Subscribe and Enjoy Airtel 4GB Data, plus Extra 1000 Naira Bonus Airtime For just N1000


Many will be Happy Hearing this Goodnews, You can Now get 4GB plus extra N1000 Airtime to make free call fo just N1000, I think this is Cool, but many will still Doubt this. I have been Wanting to Post this Here, but I Haven’t Due to it haven’t been tested by my Colleaugues.

Last week I Confirmed from a Friend of mine who tested it and Confirmed it working. Although Many will Still Prefer This Airtel 3GB for N1000 which has been a Life Saver to Many.

Before you will Proceed You will Need to Follow our Procedures to Avoid Mistake. Take Your time to Study this Post very Well , Don’t just rush Straight to the Dailing USSD code.

How To Get or Subscribe For Airtel 4GB Plus N1000 Worth of Airtime for Just N1000

1. Get a new Airtel sim or older one used
in an MTK android phone.

2. Make sure the SIM is registered. You will
be immediately Welcome
To Airtel plan

3. Just make A Recharge N1000 on your Airtel sim card
using this USSD code *555*Card Pin#.
(E.g *555*5696353555635535#)

4. You will be credited with 1GB worth of
Internet data and N1000 bonus airtime for only
Airtel to Airtel calls so Don’t think is for All Network.

5. You can Now try checking your data balance and
bonus by dialing this ussd code *556#

6. Now dial this ussd code *431# to
subscribe to the Airtel 3gb plan for N1000

NOTE: it is the BIS plan that works on
android devices if you have changed your
IMEI to that of a BB10 But if You Haven’t

ALSO READ: How To Change Your IMEI

7. You will be given 3GB data but in some
devices, you might see an error message.

8 Just ignore the message, your N1000
will be deducted and you will then be
credited with the 3GB worth of Internet

9. You Can Also Like to check you new data balance,With This Ussd Code, Dial *140#

10. At this point you have a total of the 4gb
worth of data plus 1k free airtime with only
1000 naira

NOTE:- This package works perfectly for new airtel
lines. Older ones that are being used on
MTK android phones also works perfectly
with it but if you are using a non MTK
device with an old airtel SIM, you will only
be eligible for 3GB with that N1000

You are Recommended to Change Your Android IMEI to Blackberry or You can Also Checkout The List of BB10 Valid IMEI Even Without Changing Your IMEI You be Allowed to Use Up 1GB which was given to You on Recharge But to Also Enjoy the 3GB on it then You have to Tweak Your IMEI and Flex it while it Last.


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