How to Fund out/ Transfer Your Zoranga Money Direct To Your Bank Account


I have been Taking it Step by Step, this is to still Inform You that Now you will need to Fund out Your credit Airtime Your Earlier Deposited into Your Zoranga Account. What this means is that You will successfully Fund it out to Your Bank and Now You have Successfully Converted Your Airtime credit to Real cash Money.

Many will be Confused if You are just reading this Post for the first Time, but for You to get in the Lane and Drive where Iam heading at You will kindly Need to Read Below.


How to Convert Your Airtime Credit To Real Cash,

How to Deposit Credit Airtime
Money to Your Zoranga Account,Before Funding it Out into Your Bank account

Therefore After Reading Up. You will get a Clearer View of what I am writing about. Let Proceed Therefore After Depositing Your Airtime Credit Successfully You will have to follow my Procedure Below.

How to Fund Out Your Zoranga Deposited Money into Your Bank account

1. Login into Your Account, and on The Homepage You will See Transfer Money Click on it.

2. You will be Taken to a New page, Here You will have to Click on Send To My Account.

3. Here is Another New page, You will Now have to fill Your Account Details. See my example below.

Account Name: Mztar Liskid Chibueze

Account Number: 0021656988

Account Type: Savings Account

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

NOTE:- That’s Not my Bank Details, just for Illustration incase of Those that Want to Send or Deposite for me Money (wink). You can Contact me if You need my Correct Details

After Filling the information Click on Save ( that is You Saving the above Details)

4. Now You be given a Form where You will Perform Your money Transfer, Now You will need to Put in the Amount You transfering, Your 4digit Number and Click on Transfer To My Bank and Wait for some hours, You will Receive an Alert, From Your bank. Kindly enjoy and Stay updated.

We Provided this Tutorial with Images to Make Sure You Follow, if you Encountering any Difficulty

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