How to Deposit Credit Airtime Money to Your Zoranga Account,Before Funding it Out into Your Bank account


I posted Earlier, How to Convert Your credit Airtime to real Cash Read up to follow us up in this tutorial, After You must have Sign up to Zoranga Account. Now You Good to go with this Step.

You will be Depositing Your Airtime to Your Zoranga Account before, Funding it out through Your Bank, get Ready and read Clear, if you don’t understand any of this tutorial Kindly Comment Below.

How To Deposite Your Airtime Credit to Zoranga Account

Before You start Any transaction make sure You have registered and Verified Your phone Number, to avoid a Story that touches the heart

1. After Verifying Your Number then You can proceed with this Method but you can Still Contact them with For Faster Verification of Your Number.

2. Make Sure You have also Credited Your 4digit Pin (e.g 2468) Before Starting or proceeding with your transaction.

3. Now Visit and and Login, On Your homepage Click on Deposit Money Checkout my photo below for clear understanding.

it will Take you to Page where you will correctly fill Your Depositing Details

4. Now fill in the Page which will be displayed after clicking on the Deposit Button.

5. After Filling the depositing information Now You will need to Click on the Deposit Now

6. They will provide a number to you that you
will transfer the total amount you want to
deposit to your zoranga account, just do it
and your zoranga will be Credited Instantly.

I am Taking this Tutorial Gradually to make Sure Many are Also Following, After You have Successfully Deposited Your credit Airtime into Your Zoranga Account Next will be Funding it Out Directly to Your Bank Account.

Hope You Fillowing? If You Confused just Ask Your Question using our Comment Box


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