How To Delete All Virus on Your Computer System Without Anti Virus Program


I have been Battling and Struggling on how to Fix in New articles. But am not chanced at all, but Is time for me to take You fully in the world of Tech, Have you Ever wondered or Imagined? Erasing Your Computer Virus with Using Anti-Virus Programs on Your System?

Don’t worry is Never Stressful Doing that and I believe it will really Help because a times Try to Scan Your System the Anti-virus Do Delete Your Most Wanted Programs. I will be Showing You in this Tutorial on how to Delete Virus On Your Computer Without Using Any Anti-Virus Program or Software. Follow my procedure on How to Do it.


– A computer System

– Your Skills and Time

– An Electric Power to Power on the System

– Your Understanding and Patience


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How To Delete Computer Virus Without Antivirus Program

1. Firstly, click on start menu, and
search for cmd.

2. After that, right click on the
command prompt icon, and run as

3. Once the command prompt
windows is open, select the drive you
wish to wipe virus from. Let’s assume
drive to be D.

Now, Try to input the command Below

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

5. After that, input the below
command and hit enter. The
command should display all your file

6. Once you notice any unusual
file.exe or any autorun.inf,At this Point You don’t Need to Panic just simply
rename with the command ( rename
filename.extension newfilename).

That’s it. The virus on your drive would
be wiped off. You can now keep Flexing Your System without any Threat from Virus.

We hope This Helps


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