How To Charge Your Phone With a Flame of Burning Fire


I will be given You hits on how to charge Your Device with a Flaming Fire, I know this will look Stupid to You but believe is Real and it works Perfectly. It has been Tested by Few who Used it. At times Our power Banks do go low and Our phone Battery Low but believe me with this Tutorial You will not experience Low batteries

When You thinlk of Charging Your phone in a Burning Fire, then Let Your mind be Programmed on FlameStower ChargeThis is a an Electronic Device it is an affordable charger which efficiently captures excess
heat from cooking or campfires to charge your USB-powered
devices: cell phones, GPS, and more.

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Functions Of FlameStower Charger

It’s well design to allows easy setup, charging, and storing in other to make FlameStower your
affordable, go to device.

It’s designed to work with any open flame: cooking stoves,
camp fires, emergency candles.

How It Works

Make Sure You Put the Blade of the flamestower is
in a fire, the thermal energy is transferred to the
Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). The opposite surface of the
TEG is in contact with the water reservoir. The metal side gets hot while
cold side stays relatively cool, and with this temperature
difference it generates electricity which is then Use in Charging Your Device.

Things You can All Do With The Flamestower Charger

– Charges any small electronic device-phone, camera, flashlight in any environment where fire is set out.
– Do You Believe it Also Charge’s anything with a USB cord
– Any fire source will work, including a camp stove,
campfire or grill
– Light, compact
– The Average of 2.5 watts of power is enough to charge your phone in about 3 Hours;

NOTE: 1 minute of charging time Automatically gives out 2 minutes
of talk time

this Must be a life saver, Because it Comes at the Right Time, Where All You need to power this, Is just a Flame of Fire and No need to Worry Much when Power Bank is Exhausted!

This Flamestower is been Priced at $99 You Can Buy this Directly From

You can Watch This Tutorial on How to Use this Device on WATCH NOW


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